Who is Legal Marketing Leads?

We started in 2018 with the mission of helping law firms grow faster and have never strayed from our north star.

Our Mission

We want to simplify the marketing model so law firms can grow. That is the problem we identified and are focused on solving every single day. After two years we are proud to now be working with over a hundred clients in several practice areas working on generating the highest quality and highest converting leads in the industry.


We'd seen it over and over again. Clients had been using expensive marketing agencies or underperforming marketing tactics. They knew marketing was necessary but it wasn't their core competency and wasn't something they wanted to closely manage. Stop wasting your time, we got you. Using our SEO and SEM strategies we are able to help you grow your firm by targeting customers actually seeking your service.


Our focus and attention to detail is our superpower. By focusing exclusively in the legal vertical, it allows us to go deep and really understand and analyze every lead coming through our system.


This is in our DNA and why we never have anyone sign a contract. EVER. We simply don't believe in lock in and if we aren't providing your firm with value you shouldn't be paying us. Plain and simple.


We are always available and always helpful. We understand and will listen to your concerns and be honest if we can help or not. There are occasions where we cannot solve your problem but we will always communicate that up front and clearly.

“LML is good value for your money and more personable than many of the larger competitors. Customer service is direct and any issues are dealt with timely. Good value for the investment.”
Sokoloff & Weinstein

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