For years we’ve been focused on generating our own personal injury and other legal leads ourselves and reselling them.  Now, we’re helping firms who want to begin generating a flow of their own leads.  We know how it’s done and will help you nail down both the strategy and execution required to achieve this key milestone for any firm.

Generally you hear about two options when it comes to generating your own internal leads online, SEO and PPC.

We only do PPC.  The reason is that unless you are willing to spend $10k plus a month for several years, we think it simply will not produce a good ROI for you as the legal vertical is simply too competitive.  And we don’t believe in selling products we don’t believe in.

This is why we focus on PPC, which you will see results faster and not require hundreds of thousands of dollars in hopes of seeing meaningful results.  On average, our clients begin seeing positive results within 90 days.

We pride ourselves on transparency.  This is why we are upfront about costs and expectations when working with us.  We are easy to work with, communicative and will always do our best to make sure your campaign succeeds.

We started our company doing this ourselves and have generated over 250,000 leads for personal injury attorneys along with several other verticals including Bankruptcy, Divorce, Real Estate, Criminal, DUI and more.

Our pricing is easy to understand and readily available.  In fact, here it is:

Launch – $999 – this includes setting up your entire campaign

Management – This depends on budget but is as follows:

Up to $5,000 – $750

Above $5,000 – Additional 10% of ad spend

Contract – None.  We simply don’t believe in them.  We believe you will see the quality of our work and service.  That said, it takes about 90 days to get the campaign fully performing to our level of satisfaction although you will be live within 7 – 14 days of sign up.

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Here are the benefits to using PPC:

  • Highly-Granular Ad Targeting and Delivery – Ads are only shown to people who search for the keywords clients bid for. This can be even more precise by targeting specific locations, times, devices, and choosing which ads to display for each of these.
  • Measurable ROI – The Cost-Per-Click metric makes it easy to track spending and revenue generated from the campaign.
  • High Control Over Budget – Clients are only charged when someone clicks on the ad, and they can set a maximum Cost-Per-Click and a daily budget so they don’t spend more than they want to.
  • Immediate Results – A PPC campaign can get up and running in a matter of hours, unlike SEO which requires more time to gain momentum.
  • Experienced and Legal Focus – Legal is one of the most competitive spaces online.  We’ve already made all the mistakes over the years it took us to perfect these campaigns.

Common Objections:

“I already have an SEO campaign, so I don’t need PPC.”

A PPC campaign complements SEO very well. You can use it to determine which keywords to target and align it your SEO campaign accordingly. If you’re already at the top spot for certain keywords, you can use a PPC to dominate all search results above the fold.

“I didn’t get good ROI on my PPC campaign with a previous provider.”

We hear this a lot and we know it’s true because it is incredibly hard to succeed.  There’s a reason our customer retention is more than double that of our competition.  ROI.  Usually a prior provider has failed you in one of these areas:

Did your previous provider set up conversion tracking?

What keywords did you target?

What did your landing page look like?

Can I see the ad copy for that campaign?

Do you have the list of negative keywords for that campaign?

Did you run a remarketing campaign?

“PPC is expensive”

It is.  Some clicks alone are north of $200.  We are able to control these costs and to be honest, its the main reason we succeed.   You will also never spend more than your budget allows. You tell us your maximum daily budget, a maximum cost-per-click, maximum monthly ad spend and we can optimize from there.