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How Much Do The Best Personal Injury Leads Cost?

At Legal Marketing Leads we take pride in supplying attorneys with only the best car accident leads. The way we ensure that we do this is through how we source our leads. The legal lead generation in general can get a bad name because of all the bad actors. They tend to sell their leads much cheaper and intentionally provide law firms with quality legal leads.

The source that we use to generate personal injury leads is search. Paid and organic that is it. The reason for this is that this is where the inquiries show true intent. Leads that are brought in through social media aren’t horrible but don’t tend to be more people who were in an accident awhile wanting to see if they can get money for it.

The worst leads come from co registration and incentivized leads. These leads are worthless and often cost providers under $1. This is when you call an inquiry and they don’t even know they filled out a form. When this happens, you know that you have been sold garbage.

The reason we are so focused on quality is that we seek and maintain long term relationships with our clients. Therefore we deliver where it counts most; service and quality. This, in tandem with radical transparency will help ensure all parties are successful.

Here is a breakdown of different type of digital sources, not phone, radio, billboards, etc) and the value we put on each one and what you can expect an auto accident lead, workers comp lead, and general personal injury lead to cost from this medium. The estimated cost is for auto accident leads only.

Search – Paid and Organic

This is our bread and butter. This is where we get 90%+ of our leads from for a very specific reason. Intent. If someone is looking for a car accident attorney they are much more likely to have a decent case than someone who isn’t and only realizes they could use a lawyer once an ad tells them they may. These leads almost always have the most serious injuries and are more recent. These leads are also seeking information or an attorney which makes them much less likely to have already retained council.  These are also the leads who will pick up and return your phone calls.  We project contact rate to be north of 75% with this lead source and attorneys to convert between 10% – 20% depending on quality of intake.

Expected Price Attorneys Will Pay: $175 – $300

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

These are car accident leads that people fill out when they see an advertisement on a social network. It is a very passive way to decide you need an attorney. That being said we have seen some quality leads come through this source, especially if properly vetted. On the other hand, we also see quite a bit of junk and mainly minor injuries and often at fault and outside of statute of limitations leads come in so we do not use this source.

Expected Price Attorneys Will Pay: $100 – $150

Co Reg/Incentivized – Spammy websites

This is the bottom of the barrel. These leads come from when someone signs up for something or tries to win a $25 amazon gift card and is asked a series of dozens of questions, one of which maybe, “were you injured in a car accident in the last 2 years?” These leads are typically being purchased from anywhere from $1 to $5. They will never result in decent leads and more than just a waste of money they are a waste of time.  Will end up with tons of disconnected numbers and no one will ever answer or return your phone calls.

Expected Price Attorneys Will Pay: $10 – $150*

*These leads are often sold by dishonest brokers and they will get as much as they can knowing this will be a short term relationship.

Non Exclusive Leads

Nolo is famous for selling these types of leads. They typically sell to anywhere from 4-6 clients simultaneously and first one to get a hold of the client wins? This is a different model that we do not recommend.  We have considered this model ourselves but the problem is that you have no partner.  Ultimately we are responsible for each others success in order to establish a long term, successful relationship.  By pitting our partners against one another, we are saying we are not partners.  But rather we provide you a service and good luck.  Our take is that we provide you a service but as a partner, not simply a supplier.

Expected Price Attorneys Will Pay: $20 – $80


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